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Duo Telluur
With its Artist Program, Cayambis Music Press is positioning itself as the foremost advocate of Latin American classical music for small and large ensembles by promoting the performance and recording of not only the broader repertoire of Latin American music in general, but especially our high-quality editions. At the same time, the Artist Program represents a unique opportunity to create a synergistic relationship between performer, composer and editor. With this in mind, we are proud to announce our association with the following artists and ensembles, who were selected for inclusion into this program based not only on their shared passion for the music of Latin America but particularly because of their demonstrated artistic excellence and professionalism.

Click on the names above to get to know the artists that perform our music!

For more information about the Cayambis Music Press Artist Program, or, if you would like for us to consider you for inclusion into this program, please feel free to write us. We’d happy to talk with you!

Update! We are currently screening applications for the following: conductor (band or orchestra), saxophone, trumpet, percussion and voice (all ranges).