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Duo Telluur

Photo of Duo TelluurFounded in Estonia in 2016, the Duo Telluur combines the versatility of guitarist Kirill Ogorodnikov with the singing lyricism of Heli Ernits on English horn to form a unique ensemble whose mission is not only to reinterpret old favorites but also to inspire new compositions for this particular combination of instruments. The two musicians took the name of their ensemble from the chemical element Tellurium, which is silver-like, rare and delicate, just like the unusual acoustical sound of their group. A member of the Estonian National Symphony, Heli is currently pursuing her doctorate at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. As a prize winner in 2010, she won an opportunity to perform as soloist with her country’s national symphony. Kirill has won a number of prizes, such as the second prize at the International Guitar Competition Tallinn in 2010. A graduate of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, he also is a frequent participant in guitar festivals, both in Estonia and elsewhere in the world.

Here’s the Duo Telluur performing the second movement, “Rapsodia,” from Juan López-Maya’s Siete días en Arcadia:

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