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About Institutional Accounts

Academic institutions, churches, and municipal libraries within Europe can apply for a Cayambis Music Press Institutional Account. Once you have established an Institutional Account you can:

Submit purchase orders.
Pay by invoice.
Receive monthly statements of your account activity.

How to Create an Institutional Account

To establish an institutional account, please download and complete an Institutional Account Application and email it or send it to:

Cayambis Music Press in Europe
C/ Luis López Allué No. 6, 1E
Zaragoza, ESPAÑA 50005

A few words about the application:

Our Institutional Account Application is a request for contact information and an authorized signature.
The ordering/billing information section is required but the shipping information section is optional.
We will contact you within 5 business days upon approval, or if we need more information

Please be aware that a completed application must include an authorized signature from your administrative personnel. We are unable to accept an instructor signature in place of a finance/accounting contact.

Once you are approved for an Institutional Account, we will provide detailed instructions on placing orders with Cayambis Music Press. In addition, purchase orders can be mailed to the address above.


Need an update on your application, have questions about an existing account, or need clarification? Please email us anytime or call us at 638 47 47 40 (09h00 a 20h30 CET).