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Luis Ernesto Gómez

Luis Ernesto Gómez

Venezuelan composer Luis Ernesto Gómez (1977-) began his musical studies in the composition department of the Venezuelan system of youth orchestras. In 2006 he obtained a bachelors degree in composition from the University of the Arts and a Masters degree in music in 2011 from the Simon Bolivar University. In 2013 he received a scholarship to attend the International Workshop on Composition for the Film that was taught by Florencia Di Concilio in Peru.

Composed in 2010, his “Concierto for Orchestra,” was awarded a first prize in the Antonio Estévez National Composition Competition of the Symphonic Orchestra of Venezuela. In 2012 Gómez was commissioned by the National Art Gallery to write the tone poem, “El Terremoto del Jueves Santo.” In general, his compositions have generated positive critical review throughout Latin America and in Europe, from such renowned composers as José Antonio Abreu, Juan Calzadilla, Juan Carlos Núñez, Alfredo Del Monaco, Alfredo Rugeles, Juan Arturo Brennan, Enzo Filippetti, and Xavier Benguerel, among others.

Luis’s Compositions

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Cantos veloces, by Luis Ernesto Gómez
Unaccompanied clarinet.

Our Price: €19.72
Ludica lirica, by Luis Ernesto Gómez
Unaccompanied oboe.

Our Price: €14.60
Rhythmic Toccata, by Luis Ernesto Gómez
String orchestra.

Our Price: €37.30
Sobre la rama baja, by Luis Ernesto Gómez
Soprano and mixed ensemble.

Our Price: €49.10
String Quartet No 1, by Luis Ernesto Gómez
String quartet.

Our Price: €34.91
Three Undefeated Pieces, by Luis Ernesto Gómez

Our Price: €22.58
Tropical Matters, by Luis Ernesto Gómez
Soprano, flute and guitar.

Our Price: €27.28
Two Thalassic Canticles, by Luis Ernesto Gómez
Unaccompanied flute.

Our Price: €18.78